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Accurately Track Rankings for Unlimited Keywords & Products.

Track the rankings of your products and your competitors daily (or even hourly), and stay on top using the only unlimited rank tracker out there.

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If You Love Data, You’ll Love Our Rank Tracker

We love data and the insights data can offer and we know you do too. Our rank tracker was built to provide highly accurate, unrestricted data in an easy to digest format.

Track All Your Keywords

Don’t limit yourself to tracking only the keywords you’re actively trying to get ranked for. With ZOOF you can track everything (hour-by-hour) and visualize the true impact of your ranking efforts.

Track All Your Competitors

Yes, you care most about your product. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to also track your entire competition? With ZOOF, you can. Go back in time and “spy” on the ranking fluctuations of all the ASINs you're interested in.