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Powerhouse Tools Your Wallet Will Love

All you could ever need to maximise your Amazon success.

Product Research

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder revolutionizes Amazon opportunity research.

Rapidly filter our comprehensive database of keywords and products to find your dream opportunity, faster than ever before.

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Opportunity Analyzer

Enhance your opportunity research with sophisticated data and thorough analysis.

Take the guesswork out of product research with accurate sales estimates and historical trends from billions of real Amazon data points.

Available live on Amazon via the Chrome Extension or in the Zoof Web App.

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Profit Calculator

Use real Amazon data to discover whether or not a product idea you're researching will actually make you money.

The Zoof Profit Calculator utlilizes precise Amazon data to provide decisive answers about the profitability of product ideas.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Finder

Perform accurate, complete keyword research for any niche in seconds.

With hundreds of millions of real, Amazon data points, Keyword Finder is the most powerful and accurate Amazon keyword research tool available.

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Reverse ASIN

Uncover your competitors' most profitable keywords.

With Reverse ASIN, you can instantly reverse-engineer your competitors' products, and discover their most powerful keywords along with current and historical search volumes, PPC data and much more.

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Misspelling Wizard

Stop leaving money on the table, and take advantage of popular misspellings.

Snatch top rankings and easy sales from profitable misspellings by capitalizing on the underrated 'misspelling opportunity'.

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Listing Optimization

Listing Editor & HTML Converter

Increase traffic to your listing and generate more sales by keyword-optimizing your listings.

With the Listing Editor and HTML Converter in Zoof, writing beautiful, keyword-optimized listings that attract traffic and increase sales is a breeze.

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Keyword Processor

Distill keyword-chaos into accurate money-lists at the touch of a button.

With the Keyword Processor, you get a collection of powerful filters and settings to compress long, messy lists of keywords into useful, concise, cash-generating lists in an instant.

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Index Checker

Find out in real-time whether or not Amazon is indexing you for your keywords.

This must-have for FBA sellers enables you to capture more traffic by ensuring that Amazon is indexing your product for all of your keywords.

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Launch & Rank

URL Builder

Create flexible super URLs, track clicks and conversions, rotate through keywords and build re-targeting audiences to maximize conversions. All with just a few clicks.

Utilize an existing preset for rapid URL creation, or build a custom structure for complete control and flexibility.

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Rank Checker

Check the current keyword rankings of any products for any keywords at any time, and find out where you can improve your rankings, outsmart your competitors, and increase traffic and sales.

The rank checker fetches live Amazon rankings in real time, enabling you to quickly analyze the ranking landscape in any niche.

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Analyze & Monitor

Profit Dashboard

Analyze the performance and profitability of your business, from a high-level overview to a detailed play-by-play. Visualize your revenue, costs, fees, profit, inventory and more in a digestible, actionable interface.

The Profit Dashboard automatically tracks, organizes, and calculates all your Amazon sales data in real time. Stay up-to-date and informed with ease, and spend your taking making more profit.

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Rank Tracker

Track unlimited keywords and products, and visualize changes in the organic and sponsored keyword rankings over time.

Discover cutting-edge keyword insights, including index checks, organic and sponsored rank trends, day-by-day (or hour-by-hour) rank changes, keyword search volumes and more.

Find out what works (and what doesn't) to outrank your competitors by monitoring changes in organic rank, in response to your marketing efforts.

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Stay Protected and Informed With 24/7 Listing Monitoring.

Alerts constantly monitors your product listings for hijackers, new reviews, buy box changes and a host of other events, and notifies you when important changes occur.

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