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Optimize Listings with Your Product's Most Powerful Keywords.

With the Listing Editor in Zoof, writing beautiful, keyword-optimized listings that attract traffic and increase sales becomes a breeze.

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Listing Optimization Made
Fast and Easy

Get your listings ready for prime time before by writing optimized, keyword-rich copy that gets you indexed and ranked.


The intuitive, no-nonsense Listing Editor interface enables you to make the most of your Amazon keyword research by ensuring that you include every profitable, relevant, high-volume keyword in your product listing and backend.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Missing just one good keyword can be the difference between lost sales and increased profits.

With the tools to ensure that your listings are always fully keyword-optimized, you'll never again leave out keywords that are crucial to your success as an Amazon seller.

Rise and Increase Traffic

When your listing is properly optimized, Amazon's Ranking Algorithm moves your product up the search results.

Start using the Listing Editor to write optimized listings, achieve page 1 rankings, increase organic traffic, make more sales and dominate.