profit dashboard

Get Instant Clarity on Your Most Important Business Metrics.

Analyze the performance and profitability of your business, from a high-level overview to a detailed play-by-play. Track your revenue, costs, fees, profit, inventory and more in a digestible, actionable interface.

product features

Customizable, Clean & Complete

The Profit Dashboard automatically tracks, organizes, and calculates all your Amazon sales data in real time. Stay up-to-date and informed with ease, and spend your time making more profit.

The Complete Financial Picture

Glance at daily profit and sales with the 'Tiles' view, analyze your metrics historically using the 'Trends' view, or get a detailed breakdown of month-to-month performance using the 'P&L Matrix'. Segment data by product or even by order to get a detailed understanding of your business at every level.

Plan & Manage Inventory

Top sellers know that the key to growing a successful Amazon business is to accurately plan and manage your inventory levels. Time your re-orders perfectly (with ease) using the Profit Dashboard's inventory analysis and forecasting.