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Ensure that Products You Launch Will Actually Make You Money.

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The Key to Successful
Product Idea Validation

Understand how product dimensions, weight and costs influence your profit margin and ROI, so that you can ensure profitability before even sourcing your product.

Numbers that Matter

Calculating the ROI and profit margin of potential new products is key to the product research process, but it can be time-consuming and difficult when done manually.

With the Profit Calculator, you simply provide the ASIN of an Amazon product and, in an instant, you are able to get an accurate estimate of the actual ROI and profit margin on that product.

Validate Your Product Ideas

With the Profit Calculator, you are able to adjust the selling price, manufacturing, freight cost and more for any Amazon product, and see the effect that these changes would have on the ROI, Profit Margin and Profit Per Unit for that product.

This enables you to quickly and easily determine whether or not a potential new product will actually make you money.