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Instantly Demistify
Your Keyword Lists.

Use a collection of powerful filters and settings to distill keyword-chaos into accurate money-lists at the touch of a button.

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The Most Powerful Keyword Processor on the Planet

Listing optimization boils down to using the right words efficiently throughout your listing, without unnecessary repetitions. The keyword processor disassembles the keywords you provide and checks your copy to make sure you haven’t missed a word.

Get Instant Clarity

Using a combination of filters and processing criteria, the Keyword Processor saves you hours of time and tedious effort by giving you the ability to process disorganised, cluttered, messy keyword lists into refined, accurate, neatly assembled money-lists at the touch of a button.

Rise Up the Search Results

With the clear, uncluttered keyword lists that the Keyword Processor gives you, it's easy to identify the keywords that will be most effective when incorporated in your Amazon listing, and when your listing is fully optimized with all of these keywords, your rankings, organic traffic and sales will soar.