Stay Protected and Informed With 24/7 Listing Monitoring.

Alerts constantly monitors your product listings for hijackers, new reviews, buy box changes and a host of other events, and notifies you when important changes occur.

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Safeguard Your Listings and
Stay Informed Effortlessly

Find out immediately when anything unexpected happens with your listing, so you can take action right away and avoid any negative consequences.


After loading your products into Alerts, Zoof will automatically monitor your listings 24/7, and you will receive email notifications of any important changes.


You will be notified of changes to your listings the instant they are detected, making it easier (and less stressful) than ever to stay on top of things in your business.


Buy Box Lost, Buy Box Won, Buy Box Suppression, New Seller on Listing, Product Title Changes, New Reviews, Review Rating Changes, Price Changes, Category Changes, Dimensions Changes, Image Changes, BSR Changes.