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Find an ecommerce product to sell with huge sales, high profits, and low competition in under 5 minutes…even if you have zero ecommerce experience.

Perfect for:

Starting a new ecommerce business
Finding your next product for an existing business
Private label selling
Branded ecommerce
Selling on Amazon, Shopify,, & TikTok Shop


The Million Dollar Product Blueprint
& 50 Top Secret Product Opportunities Included!

The Million Dollar Product Blueprint & 50 Top Secret Product Opportunities Included!

“I was struggling finding a winning product, finding out ROI, ROAS, and many other metrics that are foreign to me. But Zoof laid it all out simply and I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

Alex Gustafson, happy Zoof user 😊

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of The New Zoof Detective Software:

Find Great Products: Discover the highest potential ecommerce products to sell today in seconds.
Save Time: This software analyzes millions of products automatically - no more manual digging through pages and pages of products.
More Profit: Easily find products with proven sales and good profit margins.
Less Competition: Uncover hidden opportunities with little competition.
Launch with Confidence: Use the proprietary built-in Omni Score to verify you find good products to sell.
Grow Your Business: Build your brand right within Zoof Detective to any level of sales so you achieve your true financial dream.

Here’s What Makes Zoof Detective a Favorite for
Ecommerce Business Builders:

Simple & Easy to Use: Just select your categories and press a single button to find the best products to sell today.
Accurate Sales Data: Get real and accurate sales data for every product opportunity so you can see true potential.
Powerful Google Chrome Extension: Use the Zoof Detective tool inside the private platform or with the private Google Chrome Extension to find your perfect product opportunity.
See Trends: With millions of data points on millions of products, you can see which products are growing or shrinking to make building your business much easier.
Powerful Brand-Planning Tool: Add multiple product opportunities within a single brand inside Zoof Detective so you can plan your brand to achieve any financial goal.
Try It & Get 96% OFF

How It Works

Zoof Detective analyzes millions of products to find your the 0.01% of the very best product opportunities to launch or scale your ecommerce business.


Select your favorite categories to narrow down the millions of potential products into the one you most want to sell.


Using the proprietary Omni Score algorithm, we show you an ordered list of the best products with sales, profits, and competition.


Choose one or more products to sell and add them to the My Brand feature to plan your dream business.


With one click, calculate the exact profits and find suppliers for any product you want to sell to launch your new product and business!

Here's Everything You Will Get When You Order Zoof Detective

Zoof Detective Product Finder: Full access to the private software to find your perfect product.
Powerful Chrome Extension: Access to the Google Chrome extension to see exact sales, profits, and more for millions of ecommerce products.
Sales & Trends: See exact sales and trends for millions of products you could sell.
Product Filtering: Find the 0.01% of the best ecommerce products to sell in seconds with the powerful Omni Score algorithm.
Brand Builder: Plan your brand right within Zoof Detective by adding as many products as you’d like to see total sales and more.
Find Suppliers: With one click, find suppliers for any of your product opportunities.
Review Stats & History: See how many reviews a product opportunity gets over time and current rating.
Market Data: See average sales, price, reviews, and more for groups of products on Amazon

+2 Free Bonuses

The Million Dollar Product Blueprint
50 Top Secret Product Opportunities


The Million Dollar Product Blueprint: Access to the step-by-step system showing you how to find your own product with million dollar sales potential.

The Million Dollar Blueprint walks you through the 9 key steps to finding, analyzing, and choosing your product to sell. You’ll learn directly from multi-million dollar e-commerce experts what really works. This special bonus is INCLUDED with your Zoof Detective order!


Top Secret Product Opportunities:
Save even more time with this special guide that includes 50 hand-selected product opportunities we’ve identified with high sales, high profits, and low competition.

The 50 Top Secret Product Opportunities guide gives you a jumpstart on choosing your perfect product to sell. Discover 50 hidden opportunities with great sales, great profits, and low competition.

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"After all the years of doing product selection with a bunch of different software and apps, I'm telling you Zoof is my favorite one. It's the easiest to use. 😊"

~ Ashley

"Zoof helps me pick products that are popular. I use the extension and the app to find these different products. It's working great for me so far and I use it a lot!"

~ Chris

"Zoof is what I use for my Amazon business, and I've used it for quite a while now. I absolutely love it. My favorite things in Zoof software are the Zoof Detective and the Product Opportunity Finder. Those two are my favorites. They help me look for my next product, analyze the competition, and check my figures to ensure the products I'm looking for will be beneficial and profitable."

~ Rob